We are community leaders

The Red Bench is forged from a community that is inclusive, diverse, and supportive. We aim to cast a wide net to encapsulate women and LGBTQIA+ individuals of all ages and echelons. Our alliances are built to last a lifetime.

Our Members

Newcomers to the skilled trades and technology

STEM students who can put their classwork in a real world context with extracurricular projects

Graduates of trades certification and continuing education programs who can progress their skill set after their program ends

Hobbyists who can gain access to tools, shop space, and advice as they complete projects

Seasoned tradeswomen who can be mentors to other members

We are needed


Engineering Physics undergraduate at the University of Alberta

“Growing up I never had many opportunities to learn hands-on technical skills.  There simply weren’t many places that were accessible where I felt welcome. I think this is a fantastic initiative for people to support each other, learn something new, and make cool things in the process.”


Dog mom, Researcher at the University of Alberta

“Being a part of The Red Bench is such an exciting opportunity for me! I’ve always wanted to learn how to use tools properly, especially so I can fix my wheelchair myself. Now I’m connected to a like-minded network of women.”


Pastry Chef at The Nash

“I am excited for The Red Bench because it is a safe space where women can feel empowered. It would be an absolute privilege to learn a new trade in this setting.”


Materials Engineering undergraduate

“Being part of The Red Bench excites me because I will be able to get hands-on experience while being part of a supportive community! I think it is a great initiative for underrepresented individuals to have a safe space to learn skills and share knowledge.”


Residential Service Technician at Hollis Raymond Construction

“I am excited about The Red Bench because it offers a safe space for women like myself to learn, teach, grow, and feel empowered.”


Former contractor, current tool tech, aspiring mechanic apprentice

“The Red Bench really excites me as I know about the power of community and I love that it will be a place where women will empower other women. A lot of knowledge will be shared. Such a cool idea! I’ve often wished for a place like this.”


Environmentalist, Space and DIY Enthusiast

“As a woman constantly fighting gender norms and stereotypes, I always feel very intimidated in male dominated sectors. I can say wholeheartedly I am thrilled at the idea of being surrounded by women mentors who can guide me through all my projects and allow me to be a part of something greater.”


Graduate student

“I’ve always enjoyed working with my hands, but as an Arts/Humanities student I have never had an opportunity to develop any practical skills.  The Red Bench would provide a welcoming and growth-oriented space where I could learn and create.”


Materials Engineer in Training in the Alberta refining industry

“This initiative allows the freedom for creative expression and practical skill development. It is essential that women are given the support and means to pursue a career they are passionate about; The Red Bench initiative fulfills a crucial aspect of female empowerment to succeed within industry!”


Biology and Criminology undergraduate

“Navigating the male-dominated world of STEM academia has been a challenge at times. Finding dedicated spaces to connect with like-minded, strong women can be difficult, as they tend to be few and far between. The Red Bench would give me the opportunity to meet, learn, work, and create, with intelligent and badass women from all walks of life.”


Elementary Education undergraduate at the University of Alberta

“The Red Bench is a place that I am so excited to be a part of. I often find myself intimidated from not being very competent when it comes to tools and handiwork. I’m sure many of us can relate to the nervousness that forces us to either pay someone to do our handiwork, or make do without it being done. The Red Bench is where others are more than willing to offer advice and instruction and where the tools and environment can facilitate me stepping outside of my comfort zone. “


Chemical Engineering undergraduate at the University of Alberta

“The idea of being a part of The Red Bench team is a wonderful opportunity because it opens up so many doors to expand my skills in ways I never expected. “